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Hacked Websites (also known as Compromised Websites)

From time to time, we have requests from our hosting customers to fix their websites that have been hacked. Hacked websites may include some of the following symptoms:

  • Your website redirects a visitor to another website.
  • Links appear on your website that were not there before that link out to other web sites. – Virus
  • Website infected with a virus.
  • Google will RED-FLAG your website in a Google search result as infected. In a Google Search, Google states that the website has been compromised and removed from search until it is cleaned. Click here to learn more about Google – Malware and Hacked Sites
  • Website exhibits higher than normal traffic with specific outbound requests to port 80 (i.e. links to other websites).

What will do if your site is compromised

If we discover your website has been hacked, we will notify you via phone call or email. We may take the website down until the problem is solved. We offer services to clean the website or you may do it yourself.

How does this happen?

Websites that exhibit the above have been compromised. An outside party has obtained access to the website and put code on the website that affects what happens when visitors view your website. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access to your website is sometimes discovered by hackers. Sometimes hackers discover your username and password by trial and error. Hackers also discover loopholes in CMS (Content Management System) websites such as WordPress and Joomla and others that allow “backdoor” access to your website where they can compromise your site. For more information about Compromised WordPress Websites click here. For more information about Compromised Joomla websites click here.

What do you do about a Hacked Website?

When you discover your website has been hacked, there are several things that need to be done immediately.

  1. Clean the website.
  2. Change the FTP access and any other username and password used to manage the website. Use a secure password when updating access to your website. Secure passwords have upper and lower case letters, a number and symbol and are usually 8 or more characters. Websites are available to help generate a secure password. Try or
  3. Update any Content Management System CMS (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) software. Websites where you manage the website yourself have become very popular over the last few years. The software that runs on your website needs to be updated from time to time to minimize the chance of your website being compromised.

What can do to help you?

Signup for our Shasta Shield Service. This service include:

  • Cleaning your website in the event that it becomes compromised.
  • For WordPress websites (CMS), we will keep your website software updated with the current version.
  • There is a $5.00/month charge associated with this service. It is like an insurance policy for your website. We call it Shasta Shield (SWS) service.

If you do not want the Shasta Shield Service, we charge $150.00 minimum, per incident, to clean compromised websites.

Terms and Conditions

  • Website must be virus free at the time the service is started.
  • Website that are already compromised must pay our hourly rate to have the website cleaned prior to starting the service.
  • CMS websites that are not running current version of software may incur a setup fee to bring their website up to current version.