Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

First, understand what Managed WordPress on optimized hosting really is and what it is not.

Many other providers offer Managed WordPress as tiered levels. They have an entry level that costs about the same as basic hosting. This is because the entry level is not really managed WordPress, it is simply keeping WordPress up to date and possibly maintaining backups. We already do this for many of our WordPress hosted sites at no additional charge. This is a comparison of truly managed and hosted on a server that has been optimized to host specifically WordPress. It is the difference between being hosted on a generic hosting platform and getting updates, or getting hands on care on a server built from the ground up to run WordPress and only WordPress.

UpdatesYesCore onlyYesYesYes
PHP 7.2Yes?Yes??
HTTP/2 EnabledYes?Yes??
Free SSL CertificateYesYesYesYesYes
Automatic Lossless Image OptimizationYesNoNoNoNo
Reverse ProxyYesNo?NoYes
Static Content CachingYes?Yes?Yes
Application CachingYesNo?No?
Server Level CacheYes?YesYesYes
WP-Cron using actual cronYesNoNoNoNo
HeartBeat ControlYesNoNoNoNo
WP Post Revision DefinitionYesNoNoNoNo
Object Level Caching (APCu)YesNo???
SpeedVery FastVery SlowFastFastFast