What you should know about Targeted Advertisement!

How does this affect your privacy and what you can do!

Tech firms and social platforms offer a wide range of online services free of charge, in exchange for tracking client activities and profiling them to better serve targeted advertisements. This "deal' is the backbone of social media, search engines and of course free email services. Many Americans are unaware that their web-based email client services are being scanned by sophisticated advertising programs. The idea that information on personal habits would be harvested for commercial use is hard for some people to stomach. A growing number of people do not want to trade privacy for free services and are seeking a private secure solution.

For this reason we have decided to open our list of CityDomains for Email Registration! For only $6 dollars a month you can have a great email service package without sacrificing your privacy! Check out our list of domains avalible for Email Services. (Example: Yourname@RedBluff.com, Yourname@Chico.com)
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  • paradiesca.com
  • oroville.com
  • orland.com
  • Marysville.com
  • chico.com
  • sacto.net

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