Update My Website & Website Maintenance

Why it's so important to update your website?

The search engines give higher rankings to websites that change regularly. Update your website regularly to keep your Search Engine Ranking high. Shasta.com has a monthly website maintenance service where we will update your website regularly. The key to successful results for your business is a dynamic website that has fresh valuable information along with an easy way for visitors to contact you or order your products and services online.

One Time Service.
Need to update or change your website? Fill out the form below and we'll make the change. Or give us a call at 224-6866 ext. 4 and we'll take the information over the phone. Shasta.com does website maintenance. If you have a lot of changes you want to make to your website either schedule a time to come in and discuss it with a member of our staff or signup for our website maintenance service and we'll get your changes done over a couple of months.

Regular Website Update Service.
If getting your website to rank higher in the search engines is important to you, then sign up for our monthly update program. Either you can send us the monthly updates or we'll update your site for you. Either way, the search engines will take notice when your website has regular changes. Here's a great article on the importance of regular updates: Google "Freshness" update article

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