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What Is a Game Changer Website?

Case Study: We recently visited with a customer who we do regular website marketing, advertising and updates for. The customer told us with a sigh “The website has become a gamechanger for my business”. When we asked further about what they meant, they said they had made the decision to have all their customers needing information about their services to go to the website. They had recently put up forms and schedules for their business so customers would not have to call in. As a result of this effort, they actually eliminated a person at the front line of the business and were able to deploy them doing other necessary business activities. Where they had previously had 3-4 people managing the front office, they now had 2-3 people, effectively eliminating a position and improving customer service. The website was servicing their customers better 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. 365 days a year. By making the changes to their website, they were able to streamline the business and handle more customers using the website and improving the customer experience. That’s what a GameChanger website does.

A gamechanger website fundamentally improves your business by using the power of the Internet to better service your customers.

What Are The Components Of A Game Changer Website?

  • Update, Optimize & Advertise Program
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Track Search Engine Rankings and Website Visitor Traffic
  • Better website integration with your business plan
  • Force/Give incentives for visitors and customers to go use your website
  • Track Business Sales against your website traffic

How Do I Get Started?

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  • We do a website evaluation to determine how up to date your website is
  • We schedule time to review our action plan to make your website a GameChanger

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