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Welcome to our newly re-designed website. This is one many re-design our website has gone through since the launch of the first site in 1995. The was launched when the internet was still in it's infancy and the dotcom era was just beginning. In those days we offered dialup, email, website hosting, website design and domain registration. Most sites were of a simple one page static design. Within a few years, we were adding dynamic content and building beautiful multiple page sites in html and Cold Fusion. Search Engine Optimization consisted mainly of picking the right domain name and keyword phrases. Hacking and viruses were just starting to infect the global internet community. Things have changed.

Today offers the most up to date technology and digital solutions in the northern CA area. We are an Internet Marketing Agency that offers website design, Search Engine Optimization, website hosting, email services and domain registration. Internet connections include, DSL, Residential high speed wireless, Business Highspeed Wireless, satellite internet and yes, even dialup.

We now design websites in a CMS (Content Management System) to allow our customers to make updates to their website with a simple to use editor. We build the majority of our sites in Wordpress and Process Wire. Search Engine Optimization services now incorporate extensive keyword research, meta tags, alt tags and strategically written page descriptions. Website Hosting is also more sophisticated with redundancy imperative our new hosting services are rock solid.

Twenty years ago, when dialup was used by most users, download speeds were rated at 56k. Now connection speeds of 20MB to even 100MB are available. Wireless service and Satellite service continue to meet the Redding area’s rural internet needs

As you navigate through the new website, keep in mind that just like your website, our site should never be finished. For proper SEO results we are continually changing and up-dating

For more information or to sign up for services call 530-224-6866 or online here.