Best SEO Practices: Choosing Keywords

How To Choose The Right Keywords

The proper selection of the most effective keywords for your website is vital to the success of your website’s Search Engine Optimization SEO strategy. Keywords can be just one or two words such as a city name Redding or web designers or a multiple keyword phrase, web designers in Redding. Choosing the best keywords for your business is a process that starts with keyword research and what you think your potential customer will type in a search box whether on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine on the internet.

For best results, two heads are better than one and in this case another couple heads doesn’t hurt either. Once you choose your team, start by defining what it is you want the customer to find on your website. Is it a product? A service? The particular city or region you do business in? Maybe you just want them to be able to find your company in a search engine by typing in your company name. No matter what it is, write those keywords down.

Just like there are different type of customers, there are different types of searches. Some potential customers may be just seeking information about your company, some may want to see reviews, while others, the ones we all like the best, are the ones that are ready to make a purchase. Consider all these factors when selecting your keywords.

There are keyword selection tools you can utilize to help in the process. Google Suggest/autocomplete or Related Searches are just some tools you can use. When you go to Google and type in a search web designers in Redding look at the bottom of the page and see:

Related searches to web designers in Redding under this heading will be other searches with similar keywords. This is a great way to find keywords that are related to your search. Incorporating these alternative phrases is another way to find alternative searches your prospects may use. Google Auto Complete also aids in choosing the right keywords. When you type in a search in the Google search bar watch as the clickable suggestions appear below. You can also hit the space bar after your search and more suggestions will appear below. You can also hit the space bar after your search and more suggestions will appear. Add a letter after your search such as the letter n and you will see a string of suggestions taking your original search and adding words that start with that letter. For example, adding the the letter "n" after web designers will give you web designers near me, web designers needed, etc.

Another way to help you pick keywords is to check your competitors that do well in search and see what keywords they use. Check the Title, Keywords and description on the website to see what keywords they used to achieve their search results. Need help at this point? We are here to help Contact the Search Engine Optimization SEO team at 530-224-6866 or check our available SEO Marketing plans here.